About Us

Our Experience


Zinvictus Sustainability is leading companies to achieve new heights in waste minimization and recovery of by-products. Our team of environmental experts have been working with large and medium sized companies to solve some of the most challenging environmental projects. 

Our Approach

We have created a turn-key solution to help you manage all of you EPA, DOT, and OSHA, challenges with one partner. Our data driven approach is helping companies document results with high-touch customer service.

If your company has already picked the low hanging fruit of commodity recycling and is still struggling with hard-to-handle waste streams, then Zinvictus can perform a sustainability audit of your processes to benchmark current practices and outline a path towards new levels of sustainability.

Why Us?


Zinvictus provides industry specific solutions to help you achieve your goals on your terms. The hazardous waste industry has for too long dictated terms to generators that left customer's needs unmet and ultimately frustrated. Our customer service focused solutions help companies stay focused on their core competencies, while Zinvictus manages the compliance and execution of the ultimate destruction of waste or by-products.